If You Can Read This Post, You Can Invest in Change

Devin Thorpe
Posted at June 22

Over the past decade, I’ve written hundreds of articles about what I now call impact crowdfunding, the practice of investing small amounts of money in private companies that are doing some good in the world.

That said, I confess that as big a fan of the idea of impact crowdfunding as I have been, I wasn’t doing it. Honestly, I mostly felt like I didn’t have enough money. When I was the CFO of a global food and beverage corporation, I felt pretty rich. Podcasting about polio doesn’t pay as well.

Here’s the thing. Investing is different from spending. When you spend $100 on a nice dinner with family and friends, the money is gone. The memory of the meal may last forever, but you aren’t getting that money back.

When you invest, it’s like moving a $100 bill from your purse into your fanny pack. You still have $100; it’s just in a different place.

It occurs to me that some readers are thinking that investing via crowdfunding sounds like something they’d like to do but don’t feel ready to do...more


This Social Entrepreneur May Appear Scattered But She's Laser Focused

Devin Thorpe Devin Thorpe
Posted at May 20

Michelle Thimesch Works to Fix Capitalism By Empower Women and BIPOC Entrepreneurs

Devin: What do you think of within that skill set as being your superpower?

Michelle: I am a very practical problem solver. The analytical thinking from the legal training side is something that definitely helps evaluate things. I’m a practical problem solver. I believe there are solutions to all problems. So for me, it’s about communication, openness and problem-solving. I guess that’s multiple superpowers, but I see it under the umbrella of communication.

You could be forgiven for thinking Michelle Thimesch is a bit scattered. She is working on several major projects right now, but they are all closely aligned in solving a single problem. She’s no more scattered than a laser-guided missile.

She is the CEO of Crowdfund Mainstreet, which she founded with Jenny Kassan. She also organized an investor network called Angels of Mainstreet. Most recently, she raised a fund to create Opportunity Mainstreet in B...more

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How to Increase the Value of your Business

Ron Costa Ron Costa
Posted at May 11

OK, You’ve created a successful brand. What’s next? How do you differentiate brand equity with brand value? In this podcast, Howard Lim, the CEO of "How Creative” goes over the steps you need to take and things you need to do to build that all-important equity value so you can grab more market share with “instant recall”, thereby making it easier for your potential customers to remember you. (and think of your company first when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision).


You’re at Point A and you want to get to Point B with your business: What do you do? You listen to Howard Lim! As mentioned on a previous podcast, “How Creative” is a disrupter and creator of company’s brands in a variety of different industries, designing companies from the inside out and the outside in. In this podcast, not only will you understand the difference between brand equity and brand value, but you’ll also see why media strategy, consistent touch-points, and the abi...more

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Are Your Investments Working Against Your Philanthropy?

Devin Thorpe Devin Thorpe
Posted at April 21

Your investments work for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. What are they doing? Does that work align with your mission and values?

Hard Work

Investing is hard. Like, really hard.

It’s easy, of course, to buy a stock. Especially today. It has never been easier. Many online brokerages don’t even charge commissions anymore. It’s so easy.

But really investing to earn a return over time that will help you achieve financial goals, like being able to retire someday. That is seriously hard work.

One way to make it easier is to hire other people to do it. There are easy ways to do this, like buying mutual funds and ETFs. An ETF is an exchange-traded fund that trades like a stock but represents ownership in a portfolio of stocks, similar to a mutual fund.

Choosing funds is almost as tricky as selecting stocks. Broad funds like those that track the S&P 500 index or the Nasdaq 100 invest in many individual stocks. Funds are not required to disclose every stock they own—only the top ten la...more

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Highclere Castle Gin’s Crowdfunding Campaign Allows Customers to Become Investors

Ron Costa Ron Costa
Posted at April 14

THE LATEST IN REGULATION A CROWDFUNDING: Fans of the TV series Downton Abbey certainly know of Highclere Castle. But did you know there’s a crowdfund opportunity with gin made at those very grounds? In this podcast, Adam von Gootkin, the CEO and Co-Founder of Highclere Castle Gin, takes you through a journey of their crowdfunding process, including how he got started, why they chose Reg.CF crowdfunding to begin with, the steps involved in getting his deal listed on an investment portal, his marketing strategy, and the regulatory issues he faced throughout. Drink up, folks… you’re about to learn why being unique and authentic makes for a great story! (and why YOU can do it too!)


Born from Highclere Castle (known globally as “Downton Abbey”), renowned for its parties, and acclaimed for its taste, Highclere Castle Gin is one of the fastest growing and most awarded gins in the world. How did it get that way? Well, its unique and amazing story ce...more

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The Step by Step Process for Raising Capital

Ron Costa Ron Costa
Posted at April 11

Raising capital is such a confusing (and scary) endeavor. Many entrepreneurs are fearful of the entire process because they don’t have experience in taking their company to the next level and more importantly - just don’t understand the steps that are necessary to be successful with their raise. In this podcast, Guy Nohra – who has successfully funded many companies with a tremendous track record and is currently running as a candidate for Governor of Nevada – provides a step by step detailed roadmap on how to achieve money-raising success for entrepreneurs of all sizes! (and how to avoid the rookie mistakes so many business owners fall prey to as well.)


Born in Lebanon, Guy Nohra has gone from selling medical devices to providing venture capital to mainly the biotechnology industry and as such, has raised billions of dollars through his company, Alta Partners.

The American dream is hustling and working hard to start your own business, employ people, and cre...more

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Why I bought Stijn van Schaik’s Soul using an NFT on OpenSea

Brian Christie Brian Christie
Posted at April 1

I’ve never been able to create great Art -- but I can appreciate it when I see it. 

And the work of Stijn van Schaik, a 21-year-old Dutch art student, who posted his “Soul” for sale using an #NFT on #OpenSea is pure genius.  

It’s a brilliant work of digital art in our digital age and he titled his work the “Soul of Stinus”. It’s the world’s very first human Soul ever sold via NFT -- so I went ahead and paid some ETH for it. 

You can read background about his project here: 

A Student Is Selling His "Soul" As An NFT

Here’s another reference: 
Student Selling His Soul as an NFT

What makes his work particularly unique is not the digital image that he associated with the sale, but the fact that he wrote a detailed and legitimate (/humorous, in my opinion) contract that governs the sale.  

Here are the terms of sale for the Soul. &...more

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NFTs are not investments!

Samson Williams Samson Williams
Posted at March 31

I forget that we should state the obvious, appreciating that 98% of humans don't read beyond the headline. So to be clear, #NFTs are not investments.

Yes, they're marketed, sold, offered and often exploited as "investments" but they are not. People get confused caught up in HOW nfts are made and WHY they represent proof of purchase but not WHAT they are.

🤔 If you turn down the technical jargon and noise on HOW nfts are made (also we should note that most people confuse minting nfts with crowd sourcing funding💰, via the offering of non-fungible tokens in a crowdfunding campaign. #Crowdfunding existed before and will exist after nfts and crowdfunding (the seeking of capital from strangers online) isn't "nfting" anything.

Where were we....oh yes, if you turn down the techno babble of HOW and WHY and focus on WHAT nfts are....They are not investments. They're digital receipts that some fools buy to prove that fools and their money are so easily separated.

Do receipts have a real world pu...more

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