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Samson Williams
Samson Williams published: November 29

Broker Dealers + RegCF = The Future

Hello Beautiful People! 

A quick note to point out the obvious thing in RegCF...the Broker Dealers are joining The Crowd. Some bullet points for you to mull over: 

  1. Last week $17.3M was comm
Samson Williams
Samson Williams published: November 19

DAOs + Crowdfunding = The Future of Finance

DAOs + Crowdfunding = The Future of Finance

We're going to skip the part where DAOs are engaging in unregulated crowdfunding for the moment. And instead, focus on what happens when hundreds or THOUSAN ...more

Brian Belley
Brian Belley answered: November 18

What are key differences between a Crowdfunding SAFE and a "Traditional" SAFE?

For the complete answer we drafted to answer this, please read our complete blog post on Traditional SAFE vs. Crowdfunding SAFE.

A brief summary of some of the key differences include:

1. Crowdfunding SAFEs may have optional conversions: in some crowdfunding SAFEs (such as Republ...

Jenny Kassan
Jenny Kassan answered: November 17

What reporting requirements do issuers have to their crowdfunding investors AFTER they've completed a financing?

The issuer must post on its website an annual report along with its financial statements certified by the principal executive officer of the issuer to be true and complete in all material respects and a description of the financial condition of the issuer. 

If, however, an i...

Samson Williams
Samson Williams published: November 17

Crowdfunding in Trinidad - With barrister Brian Mondoh.

In this episode of This Call Is Being Recorded #TCIBR  https://lnkd.in/eiMMrnhX we listen to a chat with Crowdfunding Professional Association President, Samson Williams and crowdfunding barriste ...more

Samson Williams
Samson Williams published: November 14

Problem with Reg CF Testing the Waters

Note - This is an email chain between Jenny Kassan and other CfPA members discussing the challenges of Testing The Water, that has been edited for brevity. While it is chucked full of useful informati ...more

623 E Fort Union Blvd, Suite 101 Salt Lake City, UT 84047

North Capital group includes a financial technology company, registered broker-dealer, and registered investment advisor. We provide comprehensive solutions to transact private and exempt public securities, including tokenized securities, supporting issuers, ... more>

1423 Leslie Ave Alexandria, VA 22301

CrowdCheck provides due diligence and disclosure services for early stage offerings. These include online raises such as the new generally solicited offerings under new Rule 506(c), traditional Regulation D offerings ... more>

CrowdCheck Law is an affiliated law firm of CrowdCheck, Inc. CrowdCheck provides due diligence, disclosure and compliance services for online capital formation.

CrowdCheck Law’s primary focus is on online ... more>

1100 S Miami Ave​ Miami, FL 33130

Our Firm

Hello friend,

We are a full-service public accounting firm which provides tax (business/personal), bookkeeping, consulting, IRS support, expert witness testimony, financial modeling, financial statement review, and financial coaching ... more>

475 Cleveland Ave N
Suite 315
Saint Paul, MN 55104

We help companies raise capital from both accredited and not yet accredited investors using regulation crowdfunding exemptions under Rule 147/147A including MNvest or MILE, as well as under REG-D Rules ... more>

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