Sherwood Neiss

Principal/Data Analyst

Crowdfund Capital Advisors, LLC

Co-author of Regulation #Crowdfunding framework. CF Data Specialist. CF Index creator. SXSW CF Speaker. Wrote Reg CF Dummies Guide. View (0) Answers

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Sara Hanks

Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner

CrowdCheck, Inc. & CrowdCheck Law LLP

Attorney with over 30 years of experience in the corporate and securities field View (4) Answers

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Ron Costa

CEO and Founder - Blockchain Trust Group and the World Token Market

#Villanova Grad, "Mapable USA" podcast co-host and WorldTokenMarket #CEO, luxury real estate marketer and social media authority View (2) Answers

Jeff Koeppel

Of Counsel

Law Offices of Kirk Halpin & Associates, P.A.

Corporate/securities law; commercial contracts; M&A; other transactions; startups to public companies; various industries. View (0) Answers

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We created Small Change to allow everyday people to invest in real estate projects that change cities and neighborhoods for the better. 

If you want to know how to raise ... more>

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Sara Hanks
Sara Hanks answered: 8/1/2021 9:06:30 PM

While the regulations clearly state that an issuer can't conduct a Reg CF offering on multiple funding portals simultaneously, is there anything that would prevent a potential issuer from running a Testing the Waters campaign on multiple funding portals at the same time?

Nothing in the rules prevents it although platforms could impose their own contractual requirements (eg, if you use our platform for TTW you have to use us for the actual offering).

BTW, the SEC were not actually expecting that TTW would happen on platforms! They thought TTW woul...

Eve Picker
Eve Picker answered: July 21

For Funding Portals, who offers the best insurance? Meaning liability insurance for funding portals. Thank you!

I've worked with Monica Minkel of Holmes Murphy for years. She does the best she can for us given the very difficult insurance market for crowdfunding platforms which are considered high risk (and hence the insurance is expensive). Monica is very familiar with the crowdfunding in...

Samson Williams
Samson Williams published: July 21

Crowdfunding works best with Marketing

Crowdfunding doesn't actually raise you money, marketing does. Gotta market your deal. 

Every Founder is looking for the same thing a) Customers b) "the right investor". You achieve both through ...more

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