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FundAmerica® offers SEC-compliant tools for tech-driven securities offerings.

- Funds Processing
- Transaction Technology



AML/KYC: Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Checks

FundAmerica's systems are built into KYC, collecting customer data and performing complete AML background checks. With the collected data we run a rigorous analysis to verify the identity of the customer. If the customer is international then we require their passport, national id and a residential document.

AML Screening Includes:

- OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control - SDN list
- Office of Controller of Currency - Unauthorized Banks
- Her Majesty’s Treasury’s Consolidated List ofFinancialSanctions Targets
- OSFI - Canada
- Commodity Futures Trading Commission List ofRegulatory & Self-Regulatory Authorities
- State Department Terrorist Exclusions
- Defense Trade Controls (DTC) Debarred Parties
- United Nations Named Terrorists
- European Union Designated Terrorists
- US Bureau of Industry & Security - UnverifiedEntities,Denied Entities and Denied Persons List
- Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) Lists -IncludingWhite Collar & Cyber-Crime Lists
- Foreign Agent Registrations Act
- World Bank Ineligible Firms
- International Police Most Wanted and Red Alerts
- Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN)Special Alert List
- Politically Exposed Persons
- Terrorist Financing List
- Various Gaming Commission Sanction Lists
- Deceased Persons Master File Search
- Plus Many Others...
PAYMENT SOLUTIONS: FundAmerica Payment Solutions

Effortlessly receive funds from investors! Everything is fully integrated and easy to use.

- Bitcoin
- Ethereum
- Wire
- Check
- Credit & Debit Cards

ONLINE INVESTING: Crowd-direct offerings require the ability for investors to easily, without friction and in a single sitting, start & complete their investment. 100% online. 100% “right now”.

- “Invest Now” button, copy & paste code for the issuer's own website, any BD website and/or marketing platform
- "Reserve Shares" test the waters buttons for Reg A issuers & brokers
- Easy customization with our Developers Guide
- Launch an offering in less than 24 hours
- Investors simply click "Invest Now" button
- Investors provide vesting info, amount, esign agreement and send funds
- Integrated e-signature system for investors
- API’s available for engineering savvy users (RESTful, JSON)
- Tracking codes for your different marketing/sales strategies
- Brokers, optional 2111 form inclusion and new account forms (optional)
- Automated investor email alerts
- Powerful dashboard controls and reporting to manage investors, view escrow balances and conduct the offering
- Report of incomplete investments so you can directly follow up with prospective investors
- Domestic & International investors

ESCROW SOFTWARE & SOLUTIONS: Escrow for “crowd-direct” offerings is easy with our software. Now banks, trust companies, law firms and other escrow agents can manage escrows with 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000 or more people participating. We enable compliance with regulations while keeping costs under control.

- Investment funds via ACH, wire and check
- Escrow accounts usually set up in 24 hours
- Easily process distributions and refunds
- For offerings from $50,000 – $1,000,000,000
- Unlimited investors
- Complete accounting
- Administrator controls with settings for different employees, all actions timestamped and recorded
- AML systems
- Bad Actor verifications
- Equity and Debt: 506(b), 506(c), Reg A, Reg S, Reg CF and more! Even S-1’s!
 BAD ACTOR CHECKS: Persons prohibited from raising capital in the U.S.A.

- Per securities regulations and the Dodd Frank investor protection Act, issuers and their associated persons can NOT raise capital by selling securities if anyone is deemed to be a “bad actor”. Bad Actor checks must be completed on all “covered persons”, which according to the SEC includes every executive officer, director, and major shareholder (beneficial owner of 20%+ equity) in your company, as well as certain types of “promoters” and “solicitors”. This is an important anti-fraud and due diligence requirement to ensure disqualified persons do not raise funds. Part of any broker, bank or platform risk analysis procedures.

Bad Actor Screening Includes:

Identity Check:

- Name
- Address
- Social security Number (SSN)
- Employer Identification Number (EIN)
- Date of Birth (DOB)
- Phone Number
- Deceased Persons Master File Search
- Plus Many Others...

OFAC - Office of Foreign Assets Control - SDN list:

- Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FINCEN) Special Alert List
- Homeland Security
- Interpol
- United Nations Named Terrorists
- Foreign Agent Registrations Act
- Criminal Background Checks
- Corporate Affiliations
- Securities Trial Court Orders
- Securities Administrative Decisions & Guidance
- EDGAR Filings & Disclosures
- Finance & Banking Administrative Decisions & Guidance
- Plus Many Others...
BROKER-DEALER COMPLIANCE & SYNDICATION: Compliance & Syndication Tools for Securities Professionals

Broker-dealers can easily manage their tech-driven offerings using our powerful compliance and syndication tools.

- Trade reviews
- AML processing & exception handling
- Suitability information and new account documents (optional)
- Admin notes & actions timestamped & retained
- Permanent retention of documents and data
- Easily cancel and refund individual transactions, or an entire offering
- Detailed reports
- Limited dashboards for selling group members
- Custom links/buttons for syndicate participants and marketing channels/websites
- Admin authority on offerings you are underwriting
- Electronically, simply handle investor (or offering) changes
- And much more...

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